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Stockholm University invites students at CIVIS member universities to join an online module from the list of courses open to international students. These courses are available at all levels and will take place in the second semester (spring 2022).

How to apply

On the webpage for each of the courses listed below you will find more information about the content and entry requirements, as well as a contact person in case you have any questions.

On each course page there is a large blue button labelled ‘Apply‘. This will redirect you to Sweden’s national application system, where you can register and submit your application for the course. Applying does not guarantee admission and you will receive notification about the decision.

Application deadline: 15 October 2021

ECTS Credits and CIVIS Passport

When applying for an open online course at Stockholm University is successful, you must also register your application in this CIVIS form. This will allow us to track your participation and offer you recognition through the CIVIS Passport at the end of your studies. Make sure to complete both the application process on the Stockholm University website and this form.

Note that the CIVIS Passport is independent of the certification you will receive from Stockholm University upon successful completion of the course. We recommend to check with your home university if ECTS credit points earned will be recognised as part of your programme of studies.

Open online courses at Stockholm University

  1. Argue with research
  2. Geographic information systems (GIS)
  3. Introduction to quantum information and quantum computation
  4. Latvian language proficiency I
  5. Latvian language proficiency II
  6. Latvian language proficiency III
  7. Lituanian language proficiency I
  8. Lituanian language proficiency II
  9. Lituanian language proficiency III
  10. Tellus I – Physical Geography
  11. Tellus II – Physical Geography
  12. Museum education I
  13. Animal Diversity – Vertebrates
  14. Magic in the European history of religions: texts and traditions
  15. Cultural Heritage: Aesthetics, Learning and Reflexivity
  16. Earth Science – Specialisation
  17. Introduction to Sustainability Science
  18. Islamic Education in Secular Societies
  19. Language Education – Theory, Method, Application
  20. Statistical Models
  21. Technology-Enhanced Language Learning and Teaching
  22. The Mathematics and Statistics of Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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