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Τον Ιούλιο του 2023 κυκλοφόρησε το Επιστημονικό Περιοδικό International Sports Law Review Pandektis Vol.14, 3/4 που εκδίδεται από το 1992, με διευθυντή έκδοσης τον Καθηγητή Αθλητικού Δικαίου του ΕΚΠΑ Δημήτρη Π. Παναγιωτόπουλο, ως κάτω:

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International Sports Law Review PANDEKTIS , Vol.14, Issues 3-4
  e- Lex Sportiva Journal


  1. The Sports Law Review: the New Revision Sports Law of People’s Republic of China (Huiying Xiang)
  2. The Spirit of Sportsmanship – Ethical and Deontology Code (Dimitrios P.  Panagiotopoulos, Daphne I. Panagiotopoulou)
  3. Examining Covid-19’s Global Impact on The Sports Legal Context: an Overview (Elena Atienza Macías )
  4. Consequences of Terminating a Professional Football Player’s Contract Without Just Cause (Zografenia Kallimani, Antonios – Georgios Vogiatzakis, Konstantinos Konstantinidis)

Special Research Papers

  1. Looking Beyond the Huge Media Event the Olympic Games Are (Camila Florencia Tort )
  2. The Implementation of he Wada Code in Greece Through Law 4791/2021 (Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos, Zografenia Kallimani, Konstantinos Konstantinidis)
  3. Sailing Law: Question about the Status of Discipline andResearch Program (Kamil Zeidler, Magdalena Łągiewska)
  4. Sports Law in India With Respect to Anti-Doping Measures (Aanya Agarwal, Jayesh Srivastava)
  5. Fifa and Ethics (Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Antonios – Georgios Vogiatzakis, Zografenia Kallimani)
  6. Merchandising of Nationality in Transfers to European Soccer Clubs:  – how FIFA Could Prevent Exodus from Third World Countries to Europe by Preserving the Genuine Link Doctrine (Zia Akhtar) 
IASL News-Book Reviews Bibliography of Sports Law  2023, E-Learning Program of  Athens University with IASL cooperation Research Project, IASL ‘21, EKPA, Athens 2023

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