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Title of the Open Online Course: “Second-language Phonetics, Phonology, and Pronunciation proposed by NKUA”

Course Outline: This course examines issues related with the phonetics and phonology of second language (L2) acquisition. These include a discussion of current L2 theories and how they address notions such as the critical period hypothesis, differences between first language (L1) and L2 acquisition, factors affecting degree of foreign accent, plasticity of the human brain, and effects of L1 on L2 learning. Computer-based training techniques and state-of-the-art L2 pronunciation apps will also be discussed with focus on the teaching of Greek pronunciation to L2 learners from different L1 backgrounds.

Main Topics Addressed:
Week 1: Introduction to course
Week 2: Main concepts in phonetics and phonology
Week 3: The Greek sound system
Week 4: First-language acquisition vs. second/foreign language acquisition
Weeks 5-8: Factors affecting degree of foreign accent
Week 9: Relationship between L2 perception and production
Week 10: Computer-assisted pronunciation teaching (platforms, apps)

Learning outcomes:By the end of this course, students will be able to:
•    Understand and discuss current theories of second language speech perception and pronunciation
•    Understand why specific sounds pose difficulty to learners from different first-language backgrounds with focus on the learning of Greek as a second/foreign language
•    Assess current pronunciation apps and create platforms for teaching pronunciation

Practical Details:

CIVIS Focus Area: Society, Culture, Heritage
Open to: BA students
Course Dates: A maximum of 20 international CIVIS students will be accepted in the course in a total of 50 students.
Dates: 28/02/2023 – 30/05/2023 (10-21/04/2023: Greek Easter Holidays)
Field of Studies: Social Sciences and Humanities
Format: Virtual 
Weekly study: 2 hours
Language: English (B2) 
Requirements: This virtual course is open to BA students at one of the eleven CIVIS member universities, with some prior knowledge in Languages or Linguistics. A B2 level of English is required. Lectures, students’ exams, and discussions will be in English.
Schedule of the course: Weekly 1.5 – hour lectures
Application deadline: Applicants should fill-in the online application form and submit it by 24th of February 2023.
Evaluation criteria: If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, a choice will be made on the basis of applicants’ academic qualifications, as expressed on the application form.
Course Assessment: Short (1-page) essay: 30%, Final exams: 70%
For more information, interested applicants can contact the instructor of the course, Assistant Professor, Angelos Lengeris in the following address:

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