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Bioscientifica Trust was set up to distribute funds, in order to assist early-career scientists and clinicians in biomedicine and the life sciences. It seeks to improve research and clinical outcomes for the public benefit by helping to facilitate networking, cooperative research, and other interactions through the provision of small grants.

The Trust is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, namely Professor David Ray (Chair), Mr. Ian Russell (Secretary), Professor Peter Clayton, Professor Adrian J. Clark, Professor AJ van der Lely, Assist. Professor Stavroula A. Paschou and Dr. Lisa Nicholas.

The Bioscientifica Trust offers Standard Grants, Travel Grants and Scientific Meeting Grants. Standard Grants will typically be for less than €5,000 / £5,000. They are open to any application of benefit to endocrine research or delivery of service which is led by early career applicants, and can demonstrate academic, clinical or public benefit. Travel Grants, which will typically be for less than €2,000 / £2,000, are to provide support for new, international collaborations or for the exchange of knowledge and skills and the dissemination of new endocrine or endocrine-related science to wider audiences. Scientific Meeting Grants are grants of up to €10,000 / £10,000 made to support small (10-20 attendees), tightly focused meetings on specific topics.

The application process, with outline costs, is simple and must use the application form.  Applicants should include a brief curriculum vitae (CV), while they are also required to confirm that their application has the support of their supervisor / head of department and that no alternative / internal funding is available for the proposed activity. Applications are competitively assessed by the Trustees and there are 3 grant rounds per year.

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