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Keeping in line with our mission to nurture and protect the democratic values and freedom of individuals and nation states, we, the CIVIS University Alliance, publicly condemn any form of military aggression and abuse over nations, societies, and human beings.

When democracy and life itself are threatened, our transnational academic community asks for concrete actions for protecting – as individuals, institutions, or societies – life and peace on our continent and abroad. Only by promoting human rights, freedom, constant dialogue, and social justice, humankind could avoid the devastating effects on humanity and its evolution that armed conflicts would bring.

The CIVIS Alliance’s entire community is these days in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the victims of the armed conflict and the entire educational and research community of the Ukrainian state.

We strongly reaffirm our commitment for promoting a humanistic education that places human being, life, and the protection of human rights at the core of its actions, and to respect the sovereignty and integrity of all states.

24 February 2022.


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