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Athens PIL Fellows and Law School graduates carry the G. Tenekides Prize, the K. Oikonomides Award and assorted commendations

On 3-5 June 2022 the Hellenic Society of International Law & International Relations celebrated its 40th anniversary conference, bringing together the present and rising generations of the Greek academic community in Greece and abroad.

The gathering of the tribe is also the traditional venue for announcing the winners of the Hellenic Society’s awards for best PhD dissertation and best LLM thesis. We are proud and happy to announce that this anniversary year all prizes and assorted commendations were awarded to Athens PIL scholars and Athens Law School graduates, in a further demonstration of a tradition of excellence at the University of Athens and the extremely high level of international law studies at the Athens Law School.

The 2022 George Tenekides Prize for the best PhD dissertation on a subject related to international law and international relations was awarded to Sotirios-Ioannis Lekkas, a graduate of Athens Law School, for his dissertation on “Duality of Responsibility in International Law”, presented at the University of Oxford. Maria-Louiza Deftou and Stavros-Evdokimos Pantazopoulos, both Athens PIL Fellows, received an honourable mention due to the high quality of their work on “Exporting the European Convention on Human Rights” (Hart, forthcoming) presented at the Athens Law School; and “Protecting the environment against the impacts of armed conflict” presented at the European University Institute in Florence, respectively.  

The 2022 Konstantinos Economides Prize for the best LLM thesis was awarded to Kelly Pissimissi, currently a doctoral candidate at the Athens Law School, for work done in the context of her postgraduate studies at Panteion University. Katerina Koinaki and Myrto Stavridi, both Athens PIL scholars, received an honourable mention due to the high quality of their work on “Inter-State applications under the European Convention on Human Rights” and “The EU sanctions regime under international Law” respectively, both as part of the LLM in International & European Studies at Athens Law School.

Warmest congratulations to all! – we are all so proud of you!

And happy anniversary, Hellenic Society of International Law & International Relations! – to another 40 and even more fruitful, successful, productive years!

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