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Ποιους αφορά: Υποψήφιους Διδάκτορες
Παράταση προθεσμίας:  4 Νοεμβρίου 2021

La Sapienza is offering a training on soft skills open to 25 PhD students for each CIVIS university. Opening of 320 PhD scholarships through European financial support aimed at overcoming the effects of the crisis in the context of COVID-19 pandemic and its social consequences to prepare for a green, digital and resilient recovery of the economy (REACT-EU)According to the main principles of the European  Charter of  Researchers  and other  European  Research  Policies  relevant  to  ERA,  in  2019  Sapienza University  launched a training  program  to  increase  soft  skills  aimed  at valorising  the  training  path  of  doctoral  students  with  a  focus  on  future  non-academic  career. The  training  offer  enriches  the  curriculum of doctoral students and promotes greater autonomy and awareness of the tools to support their career,  thus enhancing  the  human  capital  employed  in  research activities. In the context of the CIVIS and RIS4CIVIS projects, 5 courses  will  be  held  in  English  and  will  be  open  to  PhD  students  from  other CIVIS institutions in order to foster Sapienza’s  contribution  for  structuring  the Alliance  and  to  create  concrete  opportunities  for  knowledge  exchange, networking and virtual mobility among CIVIS Partners. The on-line courses – hosted by the Zoom platform – will be recorded and specific documentation will be provided to participants”.

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