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PARTICIPATE Project Consortium: Parents and Technology in Cyberbullying: Intervention and Prevention for Future Experts

Project title: Growing up as an African or mixed-race in Greece: young Black people’s experiences of bullying.

Research fields: cultural studies, media studies, critical race studies

Objectives: The ESR will be working closely with young teenagers and young adults of African descent in Athens to explore whether they have experienced bullying, online and offline, as a result of their skin colour, and -taking an intersectional approach- also in conjunction with their gender, sexuality, and /or religion, either from Greeks or within the African community itself. They will liaise with SCI Hellas, the Greek branch of Service Civil Intnl and a key actor working with refugees, migrants and asylum seekers from African countries in Greece. The ESR will gain access to a community difficult to infiltrate and highly cautious towards the host country. They will also be able to have access to parents of African descent and talk about how the latter make sense of their offspring’s experiences of bullying either on account of their race, gender, sexuality and/or religion while in Greece. The ESR will conduct qualitative in-depth interviews (and group discussions where appropriate) with young teenagers and young adults (reminiscent of their teenage years) as well as with their parents; will engage with social media analysis and/or online stories.

Secondments: The host institution will be National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), GREECE.  The project includes two planned secondments at (1) Dublin City University, Ireland, Month 12, for 4 months and (2) Foróige, Ireland, at month 26 for 3 months.

Professional enquiries in relation to this project should be directed to: Professor Liza Tsaliki, Dept. Of Communication and Media studies, School of Economics and Political Science, NKUA. Email: Please do not send applications to this email address, instead apply as described below.

Application Procedure: this Doctoral candidate position will be advertised through the NKUA website, (,, and the Dept of
Communication and Media studies:

To apply for this position: Please send your application letter, stating your research interests and motivation for the position, and your CV, including relevant education (above-average 1st degree in media and/or cultural studies; or race studies; or sociology; and a Master’s degree or equivalent in one of the previous disciplines); work experience (if any); and language skills (very good written and spoken English language skills) to

Please clearly state the role that you are applying for in your application and email subject line: PARTICIPATE MSCA: Early Stage Researcher application – NKUA Reference number: K.E. 18865

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2023

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