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10th International Conference on Materials Science and Smart Materials

Exciting news from the MSSM2024 conference hosted at the National and Kapodistian University of Athens Main Building! The 10th International Conference on Materials Science and Smart Materials was a remarkable success. From the insightful keynote lectures to the engaging symposia, the event explored cutting-edge topics in sustainable materials and smart solutions for the future. Participants presented research on Materials Characterisation, Manufacturing, materials for energy and more, promising advancements in energy and sustainability.

The conference was chaired by Prof. Vassilis Stathopoulos, Head of Laboratory of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Department of Agricultural Development, Agrifood and Natural Resources Management, National and Kapodistian University of Athens, co-chaired by Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi, University of Sharjah, UAE, Prof. Hussam Jouhara, Brunel University London, UK and coordinated by Dr Marialuiza Aquaviva.

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Opening of MSSM2024 by Prof. V.Stathopoulos
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Prof. Vassilis Stathopoulos (left), Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi, and Prof. Hussam Jouhara (right)MSSM2024 Conference Chairs

The event was held under the auspices of Association of Greek Chemists and sponsored by Hellamco SA, Best Buy Analytical ltd and Thermansys and Chemistry Europe Grant.

Supported by the Department of Agricultural Development, Agrifood and Natural Resources Management and National and Kapodistian University of Athens.

The conference welcomed by Vice Rector Prof. E. Efstathopoulos in the morning of the 15th of May and lasted for 3 full days with 72 presentations over various subjects of materials science, as well as their applications in energy, sustainability and more.

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H2 and Fuel Cells session presenters and chair

The conference on Materials Science and Smart Materials provided a forum for both researchers and practitioners of around the world to present papers on recent developments in the fields of Materials Characterisation, Design, Development Manufacturing and Application. Research papers by internationally recognised experts and young scientists working in the field of Materials Science and Smart Materials were presented.

Special Issues in Elsevier Science Talks, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, and Sustainable & Green Materials await accepted papers.

During these days four symposia were held :

  1. Sustainable Ceramics towards Net Zero Carbon by 2050, chaired by Prof. Ian M. Reaney (IMR, PI) is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society and the IOM3, and Dyson Chair in Ceramics at UoS. He is European Site Director for the US National Science Foundation Centre for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics.
  2. Sustainable Recovery For Circular Economy chaired by Lorna Anguilano, a Senior Research Fellow at Brunel University London, co-Director of the Wolfson Centre for sustainable materials and the Quality Manager of the Experimental Techniques Centre.
  3. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Symposium chaired by Prof. Dimitrios Tsiplakides, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
  4. Water closed loop in industrial processes iWAYS, chaired by Prof. Luca Montorsi
Prof. Hussam Jouhara (left), Prof. Luca Montorsi (right)
6 1
Prof. Ian M. Reaney (left), Prof. Hussam Jouhara (right)
7 1
Prof. Vassilis Stathopoulos (left), Dr Lorna Anguilano (right)

Inspiring keynote lectures were delivered:

  1. Prof. Polycarpos Falaras from Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”​ a Chemistry Europe sponsored lecture on “Advanced Photoactive Materials for Solar Energy Conversion and Environmental Protection”
  2. Prof. Ian Reaney FIMMM FRMS from The University of Sheffield a fascinating presentation on “Sustainable Ceramic Manufacturing: mitigation or bust” focusing on critical issues that surround ceramics industry such as fuel switching (hydrogen vs. electrifications), resource efficiency, digitalization and the potential of low energy sintering.
  3. Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi from University of Sharjah gave a talk on breakthrough materials in energy and environmental applications including advances in 2D materials and MOFs.
  4. Dr Lorna Anguilano enlightened us on “Sustainable Recovery for Circular Economy” covering very interesting aspects such as Phytomining.

Congratulations to the best presentations recognized and awarded during this dynamic gathering of global researchers and practitioners:

  1. Dr Ge Wang, University of Manchester, UK
  2. Uche Onwukwe, Brunel University London, UK
  3. Paraskevi Nanou, Laboratory of Chemistry and Materials Technology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  4. Rytis Skominas, Bioeconomy Research Institute, Vytautas Mgnus University Agriculture Academy, Kaunas, Lithuania
  5. Dr Arman Miniyazov, National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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