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The University was founded by the Royal Decree of April 22, 1837 under the name “Othonian University” in the honor of its founder, Otto of Bavaria (in Greek, “Othon”), the first king of modern Greece. The Othonian University was renamed to “National University” in 1862, after King Otto was forced to leave the country.

In November 1841 the university relocated to the neoclassical Central Building. In 1932, the “National University” and the “Kapodistrian University” were formally united (Law 5343/1932) into “The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens”, a fully self–governed legal entity of public law. Up to the early 20th century, the NKUA was the only university in Greece which offered degrees in the Medical, Natural and Social Sciences, Law and Economy, Theology, Literature, History and Archaeology.
The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) is a public university located in Athens, Greece. Inaugurated in 1837, it has been the first university in the newly established Modern Greek state, as well as in the Balkan and the Eastern Mediterranean area. Its role has been historically and socially decisive for education and promotion of cultural life in the country and beyond. When inaugurated, it comprised four Schools; Theology, Law, Medicine and the School of “Philosophy and Other Fundamental Studies” (which included applied sciences and mathematics). During its first year of operation, the institution had 33 professors, while courses were attended by 52 students and 75 non–matriculated “auditors”.

For the academic year 2022-23, the NKUA offers 41 undergraduate programs as well as 224 postgraduate programs leading to a Master’s or Doctoral degree. 33 of these postgraduate programs are taught in a foreign language. There is also the English “BA Program in the Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece”, exclusively for international students; a Medical Degree in English also operates the academic year 2022-23.

Τhe University has established 15 Centers of Excellence, 18 Centers of Expertise in Rare Diseases of the School of Medicine, and 5 University Research Institutes. There are also 3 University Hospitals that belong to the NKUA, while 72 Clinics and Departments under the auspices of the School of Health Sciences, operate in NKUA premises and in 16 Athens hospitals.

Furthermore, 283 University Laboratories, 11 libraries, the History Museum of the University, the Historical Archive and 17 thematic museums are used for research and education purposes. Additionally Greek language can be learned as second/foreign language at the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center; also at the Foreign Languages Teaching Center of the University, 25 languages can be studied and special programs are available in language, translation, as well as legal and medical terminology.

NKUA is a research-intensive University. Our faculty and researchers continuously challenge the boundaries of knowledge. We provide the highest quality learning opportunities for our students embellished by the new knowledge we discover. Research, individual and collective, is a priority for the academic community. Research can be also supported by grants, international and national funds, partnerships with public and private sector bodies, etc.

Additionally, our academic community actively participates in a multitude of scientific, cultural and social events and initiatives, thus strengthening the University’s social impact.

Some of the most important contributions of our Institution to the society can be considered: national health, social solidarity, migration policy, gender equality, and social exclusion. Indicative initiatives are as follows: blood and bone marrow donation on a regular basis, “Social Solidarity Oncology Clinic” for patients with cancer without medical insurance, “Health for All” program offering medical, dental, pharmaceutical and psychosocial care to vulnerable social groups, “Solidarity Network for Refugees” offering vaccination and other initiatives, supportive and counseling actions such as “Parental Academies” for schools, and covid-19 information telephone line.

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