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7th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies with the participation of people from NKUA [11-14/9/23]

The University of Vienna, in collaboration with the European Society of Modern Greek Studies (ESMGS), the Austrian Society of Modern Greek Studies (ÖGNS), and the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna, will host the 7th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies from 11 to 14 September 2023 in Vienna, Austria. 280 speakers across 25 countries will participate in the conference, including 40 academics and students from NKUA.

Theme of the conference: Zoom In and Focus on Modern Hellenism: Texts, Images, Objects, Histories

The 7th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies aims to bring together researchers from various scholarly fields and specialties associated with Modern Greek Studies (history, literature, philology, linguistics and language didactics, theatre and film studies, anthropology, archaeology, history of art, international relations, comparative literature, musicology, political science, cultural studies). It particularly welcomes all young researchers, both male and female.

The year 2023 marks the centenary of the Treaty of Lausanne, while since the last conference of ESMGS in 2018 the nation has observed several other historical anniversaries. On the occasion of such anniversaries, many new approaches usually emerge, concerning not only the experience of events as such, their impact and representations in language, literature, art, etc., but broadly the chronological and geographical extent and dimension and the historical traits and manifestations of the Greek world in the Early Modern and Modern Periods.

We await papers considering methodological issues and new approaches and foci to texts, images, objects, and language phenomena and particularly look forward to subjects promoting the interdisciplinary, comparative, and intercultural dimensions of Modern Greek Studies.

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