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Inauguration of the first operational astronomical clock based on studies by scholars from NKUA and University of Sonora on the Antikythera Mechanism

Monumental Antikythera Mechanism for Hermosillo (MAMH) research team, organized the Inauguration and Commissioning Ceremony of MAMH, on February 8th at 8:30pm Greek time. The opening ceremony was performed by Dr. Alfonso
Durazo Montaño
, Governor of Sonora and Dr. Maria Rita Plancarte Martines, Chancellor of the Universidad de Sonora. The Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Nikolaos Koutrokois, and a delegation from the Embassy welcomed.

The event was broadcast online. The link to the opening ceremony:

The astronomical planetarium clock, built by Greek scientists, including the Professor of the Physics Department of NKUA Mr. Xenophon Mousas, in collaboration with the Mexicans, is based on studies by scientists concerning the Antikythera Mechanism.

It is held in the garden of the Physics Research Department at the University of Sonora in Hermosillo.

MAMH, (as they call it) the Mexicans, we built starting in 2018 after an exhibition of the Antikythera Mechanism that Professor Mousas did at the University of Sonora. The soul of this group is the Mexican Professor Raul Perez Enriquez. The manufacture was done in collaboration with us by the company of large clocks (like the ones we used to have in churches, city hall and public buildings) Relojes Olvera III Genercion (pronounced [Clocks] Olvera Tresera Generation Clocks [third generation]) of Mr. Jesus Clemente Olvera Trejo and in particular Mr. Ing. Alfredo Carmona Martinez. From the University of Sonora, Professors Mr. Julio Cesar Saucedo Morales and Ezequiel Rodriguez Jauregui contributed exceptionally well. Funding was provided by the University and State of Sonora and by Relojes Olvera.

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