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Participation of NKUA in “TALENTS: the doctoral rift science network for the energy transition” – Doctoral Candidates positions available

The doctoral rift science network for the energy transition’ Marie Skłodowska-Curie Network as a Doctoral Candidate (DC). TALENTS The doctoral rift science network for the energy transition involves seven European universities, who will recruit 12 DCs in total, addressing fundamental scientific aspects of rift system processes, collectively bridging several orders of magnitude of spatial and temporal scales. Each DC is linked to a second academic partner to complement and broaden their scientific training and to a dedicated industry partner to acquire industry-relevant skills and preview possible non-academic career paths. They will be trained with the interdisciplinary skills in research and society to guarantee for future generations that Europe leads the world towards a thriving society and economy, while transitioning to a low carbon future where risks related to the use of subsurface resources are correctly assessed.


The objectives of TALENTS are to (1) increase our understanding of rift initiation, continental break-up and how rifts link to societal benefits and geohazards, (2) train 12 doctoral researchers in scientific, networking, communication and entrepreneurial skills related to the energy transition, and (3) build a collaborative network ensuring results and knowledge are shared with academia, industry, and society.

Project DC6: Bridging spatial and temporal scales of tectonic activity in active rift environments, will be hosted at the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, NKUA, under the supervision of Associate Professor Haralambos Kranis.

Further information, full description of job positions, eligibility criteria and application process are posted at the TALENTS website:

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