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NKUA | BA in the Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece (BAAG): First degrees for the country’s first foreign language study program [21/06/2024]

On Friday, June 21, at 11:00 am, in the main building of NKUA, the first graduation for the BA in the Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece (BAAG), the first full-time undergraduate study program taught entirely in English language will take place.

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This is the class of 2024, the students who came to Greece from many parts of the world in 2020, and have now completed a broad program in classical studies, focusing on the archaeology, history, and philology of Ancient Greece. In addition to the eight semesters of full-time study they completed at the Athens School of Philosophy, the students of the class of 2024 participated in educational trips and on-site classes in archaeological sites and museums throughout the country, as well as in the educational archaeological excavation of the NKUA in Marathon (Plasi).

It should be noted that BAAG is the first foreign language full-time undergraduate studies program that operated in Greece in 2020, after long-term, coordinated efforts on behalf of the School of Philosophy and NKUA’s Central Administration.

You can visit the Program website here:

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