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RAMONES Summer School on Environmental Intelligence organized by the NKUA [03-07/07/2024]

We invite you to the RAMONES EU project Summer School on hashtag#Environmental hashtag#Intelligence, from July 3rd to July 7th, 2024, at Methana near Athens. This event, part of the RAMONES project (EU Horizon 2020, Grant No. 101017808), focuses on innovative solutions for radioactivity monitoring, marine robotics, and marine engineering.

Key Topics:

  • Radioactivity Monitoring: Techniques and technologies for detecting and managing radioactive substances in the marine environment
  • Marine Robotics: Robotic solutions for marine exploration and environmental monitoring.
  • Marine Engineering: Advancements supporting sustainable marine environments.
  • AI and Big Data: Solving complex environmental problems.

Outcomes: Practical skills in data analysis, AI, machine learning for environmental monitoring. Networking with experts and peers. Contributions to innovative environmental solutions.

School Lecturers

  • Prof. Francesco Matteucci (EIC, Brussels)
  • Dr. Laura Garcia Carmona (ITE, Valencia)
  • Prof. Antonio Pascoal (IST, Lisbon)
  • Prof. Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (U. Durham)
  • Dr. Angelos Mallios (Ploa Tech S.L., Girona)
  • Dr. Valsamis Douskos (NTU. Athens)
  • Dr. Andreas Gondikas (NTU, Athens)
  • Prof. Theo Mertzimekis (NKU, Athens)
  • Dr. David Cabecinhas (IST, Lisbon)
  • Prof. Paraskevi Nomikou (NKU, Athens)
  • Ms. Eleni Petra (NKU, Athens)
  • Dr. Giovana de Fois (UCA, Clermont Auvergne)
  • Prof. Helena Flocas (NKU, Athens)

Contact us at: for inquiries or visit the School page for more information and applications:

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