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The Monograph of Prof. Costas Demetzos “The Voice of Science and the Silence of Nature” is published

Costas Demetzos, Professor in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Department of Pharmacy, Section of Pharmaceutical Technology
President of the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Society (HPS).
European Academy of Sciences and Arts
Ordinary Member in class IV-Natural Sciences


Short Abstract

The monograph of Prof. Costas Demetzos seeks to highlight the silent and soundless evolutionary processes and phenomena that dynamically unfold in nature.  The author presents the basic concepts of complex dynamic systems and describes the laws of thermodynamics and quantomechanics. He explains the creation of life via the self-assembly process and provides an in-depth description of the organization of the liquid crystalline state of matter in thermodynamically metastable phases that promote the evolution of life.

‘This beautifully written, erudite, and approachable book has a lot to teach, and it does not so with aplomb. It is a simplified, understandable tour-de-force, that will educate students and professionals alike. I enjoyed reading it and I recommend it with great enthusiasm’. (Prof. G.P.Chrousos, Foreword section of the book).

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