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Third Symposium on Hypercompositional Algebra-new Developments and Applications (HAnDA) [12 – 14 June 2023]

HAnDA aims to be the natural progression in the dissemination of research findings on the Algebraic Hypercompositional Structures and their Applications, beyond the formal publications in journals or books and keep ongoing and pleasantly welcoming pure research on the subject, interdisciplinary influences and more applications.

The topics to be covered by HAnDA are related to all types of hypercompositional structures (hypergroups, hyperrings, hyperfields, hypermodules etc), and their applications to the theories of fuzzy, rough and soft sets, automata, formal languages, codes, cryptography, graphs, lattices, groups, numbers, differential equations, geometry and also to engineering, chemistry, biology, economics,
statistics, information sciences, and so on.

Prof. dr. Irina Cristea (University of Nova Gorica),
Prof. dr. Christos Massouros, (University of Athens)
Prof. dr. Irina Cristea (University of Nova Gorica),
Assist. prof. dr. Hashem Bordbar (University of Nova Gorica)
Dr. Alessandro Linzi (University of Nova Gorica)


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