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Επιστημονικό Περιοδικό International Sports Law Review PANDEKTIS, Vol.14, Issues 1-2, 2022 – Κυκλοφορία νέου τεύχους

Τον Ιούνιο 2022 κυκλοφόρησε το Επιστημονικό Περιοδικό International Sports Law Review Pandektis Vol.14, 1/2 που εκδίδεται από το ΕΚΠΑ, με διευθυντή έκδοσης τον Δημήτρη Π. Παναγιωτόπουλο, Καθηγητή Αθλητικού Δικαίου, της Σχολής Επιστήμης Φυσικής Αγωγής και Αθλητισμού του ΕΚΠΑ, από το 1992 ως κάτω:

Pandektis Cover

International Sports Law Review PANDEKTIS , Vol.14, Issues 1-2, 2022

Articles from IASL’s 2021 Research Project

• Some consideration about sport as intrinsically ethical activity (Anna Di Giandomenico)
• Protecting human rights, competitive equity, and sports integrity in binary athletic competition in a nonbinary world (Matthew J. Mitten, Kristina Frkovic)
• The development and evolution of the court of arbitration for sport and the code of sports-related arbitration (Xiang Huiying)
• The legal nature of the professional player’s contract in light of the French and Kuwaiti laws (Adel Bahbhani)
• The intervention of Athletes’ agreements/contracts Greek law and Lex Sportiva (FIFA COVID-19 guidelines & FIFA covid-19 FAQ) – Halt CASE (Dimitrios P. Panagiopoulos)
• Civil liability caused by the outbreak of corona virus in Sports Law (Yousefi Sadeghloo – Ahmad, Rajabi – Elham)
• Impact of coronavirus global health emergency on Sports Law (Elena Atienza Macías)
• Public administrations in sport: competences to ensure the impact of new technologies within sports federations (Juan Francisco Rodríguez Ayuso) Sports Criminology (Zalcmane Karina)

Special Research Papers
• Good governance in national sports organizations: the need for the internal dispute resolution procedures (Marina Kamenecka-Usova)
• Sports activities as a lever for tourism development – comparative study 2016-2022 (Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Roido Mitoula, Evangelia Georgitsogianni, Eleni Theodoropoulou)
• The role of UNESCO in supporting the rights of children in the practice of physical education in Algeria [MINEPS: 1976-2013] (Nassereddine Kesri|)
• Sports for all, the right of the personal development and physical exercise (Vassilios Ath. Oikonomou)
• The protection of intersex and transgender athletes from discrimination under the European convention on human rights (Shinohara Tsubasa)

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