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The University of Tübingen is pleased to invite students from all CIVIS member universities to join their fellow Tübingen students in online courses that take place during the winter semester (18 October 2021- 12 February 2022). Places are available in wide range of courses at all levels of study, covering the CIVIS thematic areas plus in a number of language courses.  

Browse our course offering below for details!

How to apply

  1. In our course listing, check course times, prerequisites and language requirements.
  2. We also recommend to check with your home university if credits earned will be recognised as part of your programme of studies.
  3. Apply using our application form.
  4. The deadline for applications is 8 October 2021.
  5. Allocation of course places is on a first come first serve basis. You will receive an email notice after the deadline if we can offer you a place, giving further information on how to join your course.

Apply for online open courses at the University of Tübingen

Read more about open online courses and explore the offer at other CIVIS universities

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