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618109 – EPP-1-2020-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP



In response to the threat of climate change and the global challenges in the Energy sector, countries around the world have pledged to invest in low-carbon energy. Renewable energy sources, storage, smart grids, energy efficiency technologies and more, are some of the key technologies towards that direction. The global challenges in the Energy sector cannot be successfully addressed without the contribution of knowledge-based innovations drawing on education and research in the energy field. To successfully respond to these challenges, new mechanisms connecting HEIs with the industry sector and society are required to generate new innovative solutions. The Knowledge Triangle (KT) paradigm highlights the importance of linking research, education and innovation. Furthermore, to effectively address the challenges in higher education and skills demand, novel training, learning and knowledge transfer schemes are required.

KALCEA draws its motivation from the lack of such mechanisms and structures in Western Balkan Countries (WBC). Cooperation with the industry is weak and on an ad hoc basis, mostly based on individual contracts while a systematic approach does not exist. KALCEA will establish Knowledge – Innovation Centers (KICs), structures hosted by selected WBC universities for capacity building and knowledge transfer; will build networks and strategic partnerships with the industry sector; will develop open innovation platforms based on cooperation; will introduce novel techniques, such as living labs and learning factories. KALCEA target groups include the administration, technical & academic staff and PhD students in Western Balkan universities and higher education institutions, young researchers in research institutions, young professionals, and managers in the industry sector.

Project Manager: Aphrodite Ktena, Professor, email:

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