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The on-going Russian invasion in Ukraine is an open wound on the European continent, the dramatic consequences of which are deeply regretted by the CIVIS University Alliance. We, CIVIS University Alliance, representing 10 major European Universities and more than half a million students, academics, and staff, stand in solidarity with people of Ukraine, with the victims of atrocities, and with our colleagues and students of Ukrainian universities in particular.

As carriers of the European values of democracy, justice, and human rights, which form the cornerstone of the higher education we are promoting, the members of CIVIS stand strongly opposed to the transgression of international and humanitarian law and to barbarism in all its forms.

The cumulative losses in human lives, the devastation, and the broader negative and destabilizing effects of the armed conflict for the European continent and globally, affecting the lives of hundreds of millions, require our countries’ and the EU institutions’ consistent and affirmative diplomatic action, in a coordinated effort to put an end to this aggression before any further damage to the people of Ukraine and to world peace and economic recovery is done.

It is our duty, as active citizens, to help those in need in this situation, for which the CIVIS University Alliance is undertaking a series of concrete initiatives. But also, not to forget the lessons of history and not to stand passive in view of a war raging in our immediate surroundings, the negative consequences of which on human lives, the food chain, the environment, and the victories of humanity will affect us all for many years to come.   

20 May 2022

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